Broadband Internet Services

Dedicated Broadband

Broadband is at the heart of modern communications, and at SCUD we understand you need a broadband connectivity that’s powerful and cost-effective. SCUD isn’t just an easy way of providing your customers with a better online experience, it’s the enabler for selling them exciting next generation solutions and services.

Taking broadband to the next level

Our Dedicated Broadband service offers wide availability across Maharashtra – allowing you to experience a better, faster and reliabel broadband connection demand.

A cost-effective solution

What’s more, it won’t cost you a fortune in set-up costs as the infrastructure is already there. All you have to do is tap into it and choose the speed and performance options that Suits you.

Let's Connect with SCUD

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Highly trusted and secure service that is locally managed

SCUD offers complete reliability with proactive network fault tracking to customers through our NOC. This managed network facility ensures that we can respond and react quickly to any issues.

Easy maintenance

Choosing Dedicated Broadband also saves you time and hassle. The Operations Support System includes a user friendly portal where you can quickly and easily login Complaints and track the Status of complaints your self anymovement .

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